Kids Wall Murals & More!


Childhood is full of imagination, wonder and excitement. Your child’s bedroom or play place should be a safe haven that inspires fun, friendship and fantasy......a personal space that is uniquely their own.

Whether it's a whimsical cityscape or a sweet doll house, I create colorful, imaginative worlds that will please any child.


Have you ever wanted to transform that
boring, plain bedroom wall or play space into a
work of art that will be sure to please? At very affordable pricing. (click here to see prices)

Do you know a child that loves Super Heros, Sports, Disney, Faires and Princesses? Don't forget animals...KIDS LOVE ANIMALS!!! As luck would have it...I specialize in animals.

Charlie can bring your child’s imagination to life with creative and personalized designs and create custom Wall Murals and Theme Rooms for your child’s own special space.

Some Successful Ideas and suggestions
for Kid's Rooms:

  • Secret Garden Wall Murals
  • Jungle or Forest Themes
  • Kids Sports Wall Murals
  • Your Child's Favorite Animals
  • Fish, Dolphin & Whale Murals
  • Magic Castles
  • Kids Safari Wall Murals
  • Cowboy Western Settings
  • Cloud Ceiling Murals
  • Fairies and Princesses
  • Pirates and Knights/Wizards
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Favorite book characters
  • Farm yard
  • Super Heroes and Toons
  • Space
  • Mermaids
  • Noah's Arc
  • Disney or cartoon characters
  • Your child's imagination!

I encourage you to share with me your mural idea - as well as your approximate budget amount. The more I can know your parameters up front, the better I can offer a mural proposal and quote that's right for you.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have on the contract (it is open to changes and flexible)