about the artist charles davis also known as Charlie DavisWho is Charlie Davis?

I am a Massachusetts based Digital Artist, Graphic/Web Designer, with a background in traditional fine arts. I guess you could say I have the "TYPICAL" artist background; anything that made a mark was in my hands and eventually wound up making marks everywhere; paper, tables, walls, floors, myself and several times the ceiling! I am the proud father of three smart, happy and funny kids (girl, boy, girl) along with being a happy husband to a very wonderful and understanding wife.

At the end of the summer, 2007, we relocated to a small town named Northfield about two hrs. west of Boston. Can you say "Cow Country"! I finally have my own office space/studio in a large house that is allowing me to "spread" out and start to get serious again with my illustration work.

I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art in 1994, with a Bachelors Degree in Illustration. I have been doing freelance off and on since then. I have finally started to get really serious about my illustration, having been a Product/Graphic Designer for a large company north/west of Boston since 1999.

Right out of college I apprenticed under a wonderfully talented woman named Mary Webster. For about a year she taught me many things about decorative painting and murals. Life made a turn (as it tends to) and we relocated to Lowell, MA and it was too far for me to continue working with Mary. I really miss working with her.

During the years since, I have done a few murals here and there - one for the Cambridge Hospital Children's Pediatrics - a mural (4 ft w x 5 ft h) that contains 30 hidden objects that the children have to find. It is still a big hit! Check out the GALLERY for more!

Another was an Italian landscape (8 ft wide x 5 ft height) for a couple in Tyngsboro, MA - it was painted outside their wine cellar and was of the location they spent their honeymoon. (unfortuantly things beyond my control I don't have photos - they abruptly sold their house before the painting varnished so I could not get in after)

Shortly after the Italian mural, I developed a minor allergy to oil paints, which all but stopped me in my tracks with traditional painting. Over the years I have done an occasional water color or acrylic painting as a gift for family members, but I could not get back into painting. Then I found digital painting. You can see my illustrations here. But still something was missing.

About five years ago my son wanted something painted on his bedroom wall, and for his birthday he was away with his grandmother. He came back to Power Rangers on his wall...he was thrilled!

Now...several years later and what seems like a life time ago, I find myself reflecting on what I want to do with my life when I "GROW UP!"

You know what? I have thought long and hard on this and I think I want to become the artist I have always wanted to be. I love children. I love art and painting. So it only seems natural that I get back to my roots and pick up that paint brush and share the imagination of the children with the world!

Now I am ready to create worlds for as many children as I can. (check out the GALLERY)

My mission is to achieve excellence in every project that carries my signature, a high quality-to-price ratio, high-impact and functional illustrations with my clients.

With each project I undertake, I work on a one-to-one basis with you, my client. There are no customer service or sales representatives involved, just the client and me. My clients are very important to me and I strive to satisfy all their illustration needs.