Who is Charles Davis

Proven Senior Graphic Designer with creative, marketing, and technical skills

Charles DavisCharles Davis Resume Well, you can call me either Charles or Charlie, either works and I have over 20 years of experience and a successful track record in graphic and web design using Adobe’s Creative Suite in positions with increasing responsibilities and achievements in both the small business and corporate environments. Proven creative, marketing, and technical skills to effectively and efficiently see projects from concept to completion. Creative, innovative, and original with a positive attitude. Hard-working, works well under pressure, a great team player. My background in customer service, management, and as a team leader working with tight deadlines, gives me the confidence to achieve maximum results and success on all projects.

Partnering closely with cross-functional teams, I have the ability to relate, on many levels, with management, peers, and consumers. See my recommendations.

My Mission:

I am looking to implement my strengths in a graphic designer position where my energy, knowledge of design, media, web, and organizational skills can be fulfilled working cross-functionally with fellow creative professionals who are not afraid to color outside the lines and always seeks out new ideas and opportunities.

Look No Further!

If you are looking for a designer who thinks strategically as well as aesthetically, with proven creative, marketing, and technical skills to effectively see projects from concept to completion, someone who is innovative and original with a positive attitude, hard-working, works well under pressure, a great team player, as well as someone who has developed efficient work habits allowing them to work without supervision, then look no further.

I Offer a Variety of Skills

My combination of graphic, multi-media, web design skills, ability to learn quickly, determination to succeed, great sense of humor, ability to relate to people and achieve a common goal, lends a unique insight that can be an asset to your business.

Charles Davis Design Software My many years has given me extensive knowledge in print, product, web design, multimedia, and illustration. I have overseen the creation of direct mail, corporate identity, packaging, print collateral, tradeshow booths, and support collateral, company logos, labels, flyers, pre-production, production, full-color printing, catalog,digital editing, animation, and video production/editing. You will find that I have considerable experience wielding Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Adobe XD (UI/UX design), Premier, Adobe Spark, and the rest of Adobe’s Creative Suite applications, MS Office (Powerpoint, Excel, Word), Canva, and Google Apps (drive, docs, sheets, slides, forms, etc.). I am also proficient with digital editing, animation, and videography.

I have many years of experience with brand awareness and being able to innovatively pull ‘it’ all together for a more cohesive “branded” look with print, web and other formats, such as video and photography. Creative, innovative and original with a positive attitude. Hard working, works well under pressure, a great team player. Having a background in customer service, management, and as a team leader working with tight deadlines, gives the confidence to achieve maximum results and success on all projects.

Charles Davis Design SoftwareFor 10 years I worked as a Senior Corporate Designer for a large direct-mail company in Central Massachusetts that specializes in servicing the needs of small business owners. That decade allowed me to understand and learn what a small business owner needs to succeed and grow. I am proud to say I put myself through college while working for my father, who continues to run his own business.

I am a creative person with a deep understanding of design, animation, printing, and technology. With a solid history in corporate identity, packaging, print collateral, logo design, advertising, annual reports, production, and retail and catalog design, I am dedicated to applying my vision, technology, and resources to meet the design objectives of my customers and produce consistently high-quality products.

Video and photography is another one of my skills - from taking the footage/photos, editing and enhancing them to best convey the message for each project. I have also created How-To-Videos, print collateral, and trade show graphics.

I am also familiar developing email and advertising campaigns that focus on new product releases, press releases and promotional communications that run with social media outlets, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, to name a few. By concentrating on Relationship Building instead of selling, you can steadily reap the rewards from the professional growth of your business!


Team Work, Problem Solving, Communication, Self-Starter, Speed/Accuracy, Web Graphics, Web Design, Social Media Optimization

Graphic Design/Print/Web/Multimedia; Marketing

Software Mac & PC • Adobe Creative Cloud - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, Adobe XD (UI/UX design), Premier, Adobe Spark, After Effects; I have also worked with CRMs, QuarkXpress, Final Cut Pro, MS Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word). Mac/PC Trouble Shooting

Design • Direct Mail, Corporate Identity, Packaging, Print, Logo, Advertising, Labels, Pre-Production, Full Color, Catalog, Web Graphics, Animation, Video and Photo - Shoots & Correction; Illustration, Painting

Web • Dreamweaver, CSS, HTML, Javascript, Wordpress, Drupal, Layout, Banners, Graphics









Top qualities: Team Player, Talented, Knowledgable
Charlie is a team player who strives to accomplish any project he is tasked. He has a vast knowledge of the newest software to help him accomplish his work, whether it be creative design applications or Web. He once created a video of our department to teach people of our capabilities. This was a big hit, as we work virtually with many of our customers and it helped them to know who we were and what we could help our customers with.

Sonya Cobb

Manager Premedia and Product Developement, Deluxe Corp
Top qualities: Technical, Terrific Design Guy, Capable
Charlie is a terrific design guy! What makes him terrific you ask? As a senior manager in a large sales organization, I went to Charlie for help in developing a multi-media presentation, suitable for multiple levels of the organization, capable of helping make an impact and most of all -- memorable. Charlie grasped the strategic issues I was pushing, the tactical way it needed to be delivered, and the technical requirements to get it done. One stop shopping -- I love it!

Mike Sullivan

V.P. Sales for Small Business Services, Deluxe Corporation