Imagine your child's delight at having a magical window overlooking a favorite fantasy landscape. You pick the theme and desired dimensions, and I'll custom design it. I'll even personalize it with your child's name!

I paint these murals in my studio and can ship them to you anywhere. Mural Windows are hand painted on durable synthetic canvas and are easy to install with wallpaper adhesive. Following my simple instructions, a mural typically takes a couple hours to put up. (If you live in the Northfield, MA area (15 mile radius) I would be happy to provide installation.)

For tight budgets Mural Windows
are a perfect fit!

Mural Windows are a clever and cost effective way to open a space. Smaller than a standard wall-to-wall mural, these self-contained hand-painted murals are my most basic mural type, with a price range starting at $200. I design them to fit your space, up to a maximum dimension of 4' x 7' ($800). Whatever their size Mural Windows are always big in character and charm!

They can relocate with you.

If you move, you can bring your mural along. They are no problem to take down off the wall with warm water and a sponge. Roll your mural up and install it in your new home!

Benefits of Kids Mural Windows:

  • Easy Installation
  • Portable
  • Economical
  • Personalized with your Child's Name
  • Window Murals are Completely Custom Made
  • Easy to Ship